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Running the extra mile

1st June, 2012


The fifth edition of Standard Chartered Mumbai marathon will be flagged off on 20 January 2008. Individuals, organisations and companies have put on their running shoes to participate in the big event all braced up with physical fitness training, practice et al. But it is not just another seasonal extravaganza that the spirited people of Mumbai indulge in. It is walking or in this case running the extra mile for a noble cause. By teaming up with various NGOs, corporate participants and others sweat it out to raise funds for a worthy cause.


Running the extra mile

Last year the Aditya Birla Group ran the Mumbai marathon and raised funds for Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA). This year too the Aditya Birla Group has joined in the philanthropic effort in greater strength — 225 participants have prepared themselves to run the marathon. It's not just a day's sport for them but a sincere effort to make a difference. Through this, the participants will raise funds for the Indian Council for Mental Health.


The marathoners from the Aditya Birla Group have taken due care to be physically fit to participate in the event. 44 out of the 225 participants enrolled with Talwalkars for a one-month programme customised for the race. The rest underwent stamina building and long distance training.


We at the Aditya Birla Group applaud our marathoners for braving the physical challenge of the race. We wish them success in their chosen cause.