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Technical Service Function at UltraTech was started with the sole objective of educating various stakeholders in the value chain i.e., engineers, architects, masons & contractors, IHBs (Individual House Builders) as well as Channel Partners on the finer aspects of construction, to deliver more value at no extra cost. Technical Service Function organizes skill development programs for masons, aimed at upgrading their skills and helping them keep pace with the latest trends in the construction industry. The technical seminars for Engineers and Architects are tailor- made to suit their requirements. The end users are advised as to how to procure superior quality material for their construction by our experienced team of more than 1200 Civil Engineers spread across India. The training programs for Channel Partners are aimed at enhancing their product knowledge, which helps in better interaction with customers. The testing and quality control services provided at the site through Mobile Concrete Testing Laboratory, manned by qualified Civil Engineers, are well received, and appreciated by IHBs as the ones delivering high value. The objectives of Technical Service Function is accomplished by organizing various programs/activities, some of which are described below:­­

Site Demo - The objective of the site demo is to demonstrate to the masons working at a site, the correct method of constructing different elements of a building and optimizing the use of materials.

IHB Meet - The purpose of these meets is to educate the IHBs on the complexities involved in construction, effective planning to achieve economy, resulting in the construction of a strong and durable home with superior quality material, without any time overrun.

Counter Meet - This program educates the IHBs & Petty Contractors on planning and supervising the construction. Conducted typically at an UltraTech shop, IHBs & Petty Contractors are given guidance on the planning of construction, the correct method of construction and the quality of materials, etc.

Masons Meet - This activity imparts technical inputs from foundation to finish to masons, enabling them to maintain quality in construction and improving their productivity. The properties of various types of cement and their suitability to different types of works, are also explained in simple vernacular language.

Builders & Contractors Meet - These meets are aimed at explaining various aspects of construction to Builders & Contractors. These include planning, selection of materials, various codaI requirements for strength and durability, quality control and safety requirements at site. This program helps Builders & Contractors in completing the construction without time and cost overruns while ensuring quality and safety. Latest technological developments like Green Building Concepts (Rainwater Harvesting, Solar Energy, and Alternative Building Materials) are also discussed.

Urban Technical Meet and Rural Technical Meet - To help Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers and Architects stay abreast of global technological changes, developments, and innovative construction practices, tailor-made programs are organized for them in urban as well as rural areas.

Mason Training Program - Seven days skill-building workshop is conducted for Masons where the teaching methodology is a combination of theory and practice. This program is jointly organized by UltraTech and a reputed professional body or institution.

Concrete Mix Proportioning Workshops - These workshops equip the participants (who are generally practicing engineers) to proportion various ingredients of concrete - to produce economically, the concrete of desired strength and durability using locally available materials. The participants are given hands-on experience, by making them design the concrete mix and produce the concrete accordingly.

Plant Visits - Engineers, channel partners (Dealers/Retailers), builders, contractors as well as masons are invited to visit UltraTech plants. Where they have imparted knowledge on the entire cement manufacturing process i.e., from raw material selection to packing. This helps them understand and appreciate the quality of cement as they see various quality control measures and quality assurance systems that are in place at the plant.

Channel Partner Training - This training program is conducted for the Dealers and Retailers in order to educate them on quality of cement, various types of cement, their usage, basics of concrete, customer's FAQs, common complaints in construction related to cement, and requirements of good quality cement.

Mobile Concrete Testing Lab - This is a value-added service for our customers, available at no extra cost. It is meant to provide technical assistance during concreting to ensure quality and consistency in concrete. This van-based service is offered at the site by a qualified and trained Civil Engineer. The van has all the required testing facilities and equipment. The raw materials used in construction are tested and customers are advised on the right methods of producing quality concrete. The concrete mix proportions (of cement, sand, coarse aggregate and water) to achieve economy without compromising strength and durability, are provided to the customers. As a quality assurance measure, the concrete at the site is tested for its compressive strength and the test report is given to the customer. They are also taught the importance of using cover blocks and masking tapes by conducting field demos. To register for this service, customers must call on a toll- free number 1800 210 3311.

Ask The Expert Services - UltraTech also provides solutions for specific construction needs of IHBs through a panel of eminent construction professionals. To avail an Expert's services, a customer needs to call on a toll-free number 1800 210 3311.

­Customised Services - Special services like Concrete Mix Design, Cement-Admixture Compatibility, Site Engineer Training on various aspects like cement testing, etc. are also provided as per customer demands and needs.

Industry-Academy Interaction - Various programs like Technical Lectures, Quizzes are organized at engineering colleges besides providing guidance for academic projects. These help students understand the requirements of the industry and make them employment ready.

Post Sales Service - If customers face any problem while using UltraTech's products, the Engineers from Technical Services Function are just a call away. They assist the customers in sorting out the problems quickly and efficiently.

In the current COVID- 19 scenario, the Technical Services Function continues to fulfil its customer service objective of technical assistance/guidance during construction, product application tips, good construction practices, plant visits, post-sales services & various technical activities for all the influencer segments through various digital modes.

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