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Urban Technical Meet and Rural Technical Meet

Knowledge advancement is required to keep up with the rapidly changing technological landscape and to incorporate innovative concepts into construction. Tailored programs in urban and rural areas are organised to keep civil and structural engineers and architects up to date on global technological changes, developments, and innovative construction practices.


The programs are designed and delivered by subject matter experts from industry and academia, with the audience's knowledge levels in mind. It also serves as a forum for knowledge sharing by discussing technical issues that they face and how similar issues are resolved.

Concrete Mix Proportioning Workshops

These workshops teach practising engineers and architects how to proportion various concrete ingredients in order to produce concrete with the desired strength and durability using locally available materials. The participants gain hands-on experience by designing the concrete mix and producing the concrete accordingly. This gives participants confidence in their ability to design concrete mixes of varying strengths for different exposure conditions in order to ensure economy and durability.


Plant Visits

Engineers, architects, channel partners (dealers and retailers), builders and contractors, and masons are all welcome to this program. This is intended to educate visitors on the cement manufacturing process, from raw material selection to packing. As they observe the various quality control measures and quality assurance systems in place at the plant, they gain a better understanding and appreciation for the quality of cement.
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For Engineers And Architects