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Expert Testing Van

This is a value added service to the customer, at no extra cost, aimed at providing technical assistance during concreting to ensure quality and consistency in concrete. This service is provided at the site through a van manned by a qualified and trained civil engineer. The van has the required testing facilities /equipment to test the materials on site. The raw materials used in construction are tested on site and the customers are advised/helped on the right methods in producing quality concrete. The concrete mix designs, (proportioning of cement, sand, metal and water) to achieve economy without compromising strength and durability, are provided to the customers. As a quality assurance measure, the concrete at site is tested for its compressive strength and the test report is given to the customer. Customers are also educated on the importance of using cover blocks and masking tapes by conducting field demos. To avail of this service, all a customer has to do is call us on 1800 210 3311 (toll free).