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Birla White Cement and Birla White Putty

Birla White, the leading white cement brand in India, has positioned itself as the "Whitest White Cement". Birla White commenced production of white cement in 1988. Since then, the consumer has been exposed to the endless possibilities of applications with white cement. Birla White was also quick to gauge and understand the customer pulse and his growing aspirational requirements. In the process, it developed and introduced a slew of innovative, white cement-based surface finishing products. The current portfolio includes WallCare Putty, Levelplast, GRC and Textura. Among them, they facilitate care for walls and augment interior appeal.

Commitment to continuous research and development has led to the brand's consistent focus on innovation. With this focus at the heart of its manufacturing and marketing strategy, Birla White has always offered the consumer innovative building solutions. These have not only challenged the limitations of traditional thinking but, in a very agreeable way, have nudged forward the evolution of enriching and beautifying the structures in the country.

Birla White being the "Whitest White Cement" offers a pristine white canvas for crafting architectural elegance. It's the key ingredient in the application of decorative cement paints, mosaic tiles, terrazzo floorings and marble laying. Its remarkably high refractive index and high opacity imparts a gleaming luster and smooth finish to surfaces. Besides, it's also a significant constituent in wall finishes such as Grit Wash, Stonecrete and Tyrolean.

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