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10 Tips on Choosing Colour for Exterior Walls of Your Home

If you are someone who is confused about how to choose exterior paint colours for your house, this article will make the job of how to choose exterior house colours easier and faster.

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We often focus on the interiors of the homes to set a lasting impression on anyone that enters the premises, but we seldom consider the fact that it’s the exteriors of the homes that provide the visitors with the first impression of both our home and our personality. It can be a terrifying and overwhelming experience to pick the right colour for exterior walls because if you pick the wrong colour, your exterior home colour might just look dull and boring. If you pick a bold colour for home exterior, it might look like something over-the-top and overwhelming, messing with the architectural detail and design of the neighbourhood. But if you know how to choose exterior paint colours for your house and pick the best exterior paint combinations, the outer colour of house will add value to the aesthetics of your home.

Tips to choose colours for exterior walls

How to Choose Colour for Exterior Walls

One of the most exciting steps in your home-building journey is the selection of colours for your home. The colours you choose will largely determine the visual appeal of your home. And there are many factors that affect the choice and perception of exterior home paint colours. So we bring you a few tips to keep in mind so that you can get your colours just right:


  • 1. Combinations: Less is More :
    It’s important to remember that too many colours can end up looking too cluttered. It’s best to keep things simple and choose one or maybe two exterior colours for your home. You can also explore different shades of the same colour if you think things are looking a bit monotonous.

  • 2. Choice of Colours :
    When it comes to choosing colours, you should ideally explore many options. Look for inspiration and references, as you try to narrow down on what colours you like, and then work out combinations for those. Avoid black and dark colours that gather dust easily.

  • 3. Factor in Light :
    The colour and shade you choose on the shade card could end up looking very different when applied to the exterior of your home, depending on the quality and type of light that falls on it. It’s best to sample a few colours and shades on the wall, to get a better idea of how it’s going to end up looking.

  • 4. Surroundings Matter :
    The location of your home and what’s around it should be considered while choosing your exterior home colours. While you want your house to stand out, make sure you choose the colours in such a way that they go with the mood and climate of your surroundings and backdrop.

  •  5. Think Beyond Just Paints :
    The exterior of your home can come alive with some furnishings, artefacts, and plants, rather than just the door and windows. Choose the material and lighting properly, so that it all goes well with your exterior colours. Also, choose a good colour combination for the trims and accent colours.

  • 6. Durability :
    Maintaining the exterior paint of your home is equally important. While choosing the paints, irrespective of colour, make sure you choose durable and low-maintenance paints. Typically, "satin" and "eggshell" paints offer great durability and are easier to clean. They also give a nice finish to your colours.

  • 7. Theme :
    To escape the confusion of how to choose exterior paint colours for your house, you must first work on setting a theme. Setting a theme for the house colour outside will not just help you pick the right colour for exterior walls, but will make your house look aesthetically pleasing rather than a blunder.

  • 8. Season :
    Colour for exterior walls can be a tedious task done efficiently if painted in the right season. The lifespan of the exterior paint increases if painted during the summer season. Summers allow the paint to dry properly at the right temperature. If you paint the exteriors during the winters or monsoons, you will have to repeat the process to apply colour for exterior walls over and over again.

  • 9. Test :
    Once you pick a few options for the right colour for exterior walls, get the colour samples and paint large swatches on the exterior walls. Have a look at these swatches at different times of the day. View these swatches in the sunlight and in shadow; this will help you choose the right colour for exterior walls. You can seek help from a professional designer or ask for assistance from a close friend if you are still confused about what type of exterior home will look the best.

Seek Help from Experts
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With the help of this guide, you will have a beautiful exterior to the house, but what about the interiors? To add a unique look to your interiors, you must experiment with different wall finishes. Read the blog – Types of Wall Finishing for a Beautiful Interior – to know more.