The right way to build a cattle shed

A cattle shed is very important for your domesticated animals like cows and buffaloes. Before you begin construction, you must be mindful of a few important factors like good ventilation, shed wall height, use of waterproofing agents to avoid dampness, and many more. With this, you can avoid common mistakes and have a strong basic setup.

Here are some tips for the construction of a cattle shed.
Always remember, every animal must get ample open space and air in the shed.
The walls of the shed should be up to 8 feet high.
Waterproofing agents should be used to protect the strength of the structure from dampness.
The floor should be skid-proof to avoid accidents. Build it with grooved concrete or cement bricks which are easy to clean and dry.
Plan the slope of the floor so that water will flow out easily.
Make the roof with tiles or cement sheets for protection from sunlight and better temperature control.
Always remember to make a compartment for hay.
Build wide gutters for manure, as they reduce the chances of clogging.
Doors should be 7 feet wide and 5 feet high, and they should open on the outside. This will help avoid injuries to your livestock.
Ensure there is ample distance between your home and the shed so that the smell and fleas from the shed don't cause problems.

These were a few simple tips for you to keep in mind.

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