Mistakes During Stone Masonry

In places where stones are available in abundance, stone masonry is used for construction. Different geographic regions have different types of stones. But do you know how stone masonry is done and what are some of the common mistakes one must avoid? Let’s find out!

Here are a few important safety tips you must follow when doing electrical work at home.
The use of long rectangular stones helps in strengthening the walls.
The interior and exterior portions of your walls should be built at the same time.
The thickness of the joint depends on the size of the stone - it should be between 2-2.5 cm and not less than 1 cm.
Remember to use the correct cement to water ratio for the concrete mix, and use it within 30 mins of mixing.
Smaller stones are used to fill the gaps and give shape to the walls.
Stones should not poke out of the wall and they should be set properly with the mixture.
The walls should be cured for a minimum of 7 days.

These were a few tips on stone masonry.

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