How to get your home's plastering done

August 25, 2020

Do these 5 things to avoid plastering problems
There are a few problems that may occur on a wall's surface after plastering: cracks and efflorescence or white patches. These can often damage the aesthetic of your home, which is one of your life's most important projects.

Keep in mind the following tips to avoid or fix plastering problems.

  • After the mortar is placed, avoid excessive troweling as it can lead to dryness and cracking later on.
  • Use only good quality sand. Ensure that there is no excess silt in the sand.
  • Be sure to do adequate curing for ten days. This strengthens the mortar.
  • Never sprinkle cement on the plaster's surface during finishing.
  • If white patches form on the wall's surface, clean the area using a dry brush, apply a coating of diluted acid solution and let it dry.

These were some tips to help you avoid and solve plastering problems in your home.

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