Are you taking the right steps for perfect concrete finishing?

August 25, 2020

Concrete finishing is important to smoothen the concrete and give your structure a uniform surface. Here's a look at the three important steps for perfect concrete finishing.

Step 1: Screeding - Screeding is done to remove excess concrete from the surface, to keep it

levelled and plain.

Step 2: Floating - Once the surface has been levelled with a screed, floats are used to set the

large aggregates. Concrete floats are generally made out of wood.

Step 3: Trowelling - Once the aggregates are set, a steel trowel is used to smoothen the surface,

giving it a uniform texture.

Avoid sprinkling cement on a wet surface as this may lead to cracks. Remember, you should

begin the process of concrete finishing only after compacting is done.

These were a few tips on giving your concrete the right finish.

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