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Layout Marking

From the layout of the house you can know the location of each structure; the construction of the house starts from the layout marking, if there is no focus on it, the house will not be as per the plan. Keep the following points related to the layout marking in mind


You can downoad checklist also in PDF format

Step No.1

First of all set the placement of pillars on the open

(empty) plot with the help of an engineer and a mason.

Step No.2

Set the baseline and other boundaries with the help of

a 2-3 feet steel rod and a thread. Ensure that the

position and size of the walls should be capable of

bearing the load of the building.

Step No.3

After deciding the pillar placement, mark the area

for excavation with the help of a chalk powder;

before starting the work of excavation, do not

forget to get the soil tested.

Step No.4

The depth of the pillar depends upon the condition of

the soil, more the lose soil, more the depth of the pillar.

Step No.5

See whether the work of marking is being done

according to the plan of your house.

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