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Green Home Planning

Make your home more eco-friendly. A green home makes ample use of solar energy... solar panels for electricity, solar heaters for water and solar cookers for kitchen are some of the eco-friendly solutions and this will also save expenditure on the electricity bill. Green home planning has now become a necessary part of constructing a house, by which you can make your house eco friendly. Given below are some of the kinda of making your home a green home


You can downoad checklist also in PDF format

Step No.1

Use eco-friendly and locally available materials

during the construction.

Step No.2

For good ventilation install the windows with a

height of minimum 3.5 feet and it will be better

if there is a cross ventilation in house.

Step No.3

To prevent the sunshine in the hot season, a rooftop

garden can be made in the house, which can also

be used for rainwater harvesting in the rainy season.

Step No.4

Go for rainwater harvesting to increase the sources of

water. With the help of this, you can make good use of

rain water and establish an alternative source of water.

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