Flex & Hi Flex: Best Waterproofing for Terrace by UltraTech

Protect High-risk areas using Flex or HiFlex

Exterior areas of home like roofs, terraces and walls face the impact of rain and weather. Similarly, interior areas inside the home like bathrooms and kitchens have high water contact. From such areas, there is a high-risk of dampness seeping into the structure.Use Flex or HiFlex for double protection of high-risk areas of the home.

These polymer-based waterproofing products form a durable and impervious coating, blocking the entry of dampness into the structure. Flex and HiFlex coatings are flexible, elongating up to 50% and 100% respectively*, which reduces the possibility of cracks and makes them long lasting. They can also withstand high water pressure, up to 7 bars, which helps them withstand environmental conditions and high water contact inside the home.

Where to use Flex/HiFlex?

All positive side exterior applications like terraces, sloping roofs, walls, balconies, and domes. In the interior, walls and floors of wet areas like bathroom, kitchen and sunken areas.

Benefits of using Flex or HiFlex Waterproofing Coat

  • Better Dampness Prevention

    Better dampness

  • Better prevention from rusting

    Better prevention
    from rusting

  • Helps protects structural strength

    Better prevention
    from rusting

  • Higher durability of home

    Higher durability
    of home

  • Better prevention form plaster damage

    Better prevention
    form plaster damage

Correct method of using
Flex/HiFlex for best results

Surface Preparation

Clean the prepared slab using a wire brush and jet wash to remove any dirt or oil.

Wet the surface with water and ensure there is no standing water present prior to application i.e. surface saturated dry (SSD) condition.


Mix the powder and liquid polymer ensuring lump free consistency, preferably using a mechanical stirrer.


Apply 2 coats Apply the 1st coat using a stiff nylon brush. Apply the 2nd coat after a minimum of 8 hours in perpendicular direction to the 1st coat.

Screed Coat

After the waterproofing coat dries, sprinkle some sand over it and apply screed as final step. do water pond test for 4-5 days, after 72 hours of screed coat.

“Before using Flex , HiFlex, it is recommended to use WP+200 integral waterproofing liquid for all concrete, mortar and plaster applications”

Frequently asked questions about
Flex or HiFlex Waterproofing Coat

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