Basement Construction Process

Important Guidelines in Basement Construction

While building a home, you can get extra space below the surface by building a basement.

Consult Engineer for Home ConstructionBuild Basement for Home

Here are a few guidelines while building a basement for your home.

Consult an engineer for the design of the basement before starting the work.
Carry out excavation as per the determined depth.
After the excavation, spread a PCC bed for levelling and combine it with a waterproofing agent.
Fix the reinforcement columns of the basement and complete formwork.
Fill concrete in the shuttering, and once it strengthens, begin the curing process.
After backfilling, begin work on the plinth beam.
After that, build walls of the basement. Remember, the walls of the basement should be strong. So, before backfilling, cover the outward part with waterproofing plaster water leakage. Complete waterproofing of the inner part of the wall too.
Join beams in both directions of all columns of the basement.
Pay attention to the planning of the drainage system. Plan for the drainage at a ground level so that water from the basement is unable to enter.
Remember, avoid building a basement in flood
prone areas.

Be sure to follow these 10 simple steps to build a long-lasting basement for your home.

Build Basement for Home

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