How to avoid loose door and window frames

August 25, 2020

The doors and windows of your home are some of the finishing touches to its overall structure. Once you have reached this stage, you are almost done building your home so remember these

important points to make sure the doors and windows are fixed properly.

  • Most doors and window frames are made from wood, which tends to degrade faster than other materials. Consider using materials like concrete, metal or PVC.
  • When fixing the door and window frames to the walls, use a plumbbobto make sure the alignment is right.
  • To fix the frames to the walls, you will need to use holdfasts, which are z-shaped clamps.
  • About three holdfasts are needed for the doors, and two for the windows. Once they are fixed you can fill them, as well as any gaps in the frames, with concrete.

These were some tips to help you ensure that the doors and window frames of your home are fixed properly.