How to make a green home

Making your home a green home has now become an important part of the home building process. It takes into consideration the home& environmental impact from the perspective of design, construction, maintenance, and use.

Let’s explore how you can make a green home.
Solar Energy Usage in a Green HomeGreen Home made from Eco-Friendly and Locally Sourced Material
 Let’s explore how you can make a green home.
A green home uses solar energy to do many chores. Solar panels for electricity, solar heaters for water and solar cookers for kitchens are common energy-efficient appliances
Usage of solar energy also helps save on electricity bills
Natural ventilation can help reduce the usage of AC and fans
For good ventilation, windows should be at least 3.5 ft high. Enabling coss ventilation serves the purpose much better.
Your rooftop works as a garden in your green home. It resists heat when the weather is hot and helps harvest rainwater. It also doubles up as your private garden.
Rainwater harvesting also helps increase the groundwater reserves cuts down water wastage.
After measuring the size and weight of the cube, it is tested.
The plates of the testing machine and the concrete surface are cleaned, and the cube is placed between the plates.

Always remember, a good green home is built with eco-friendly and locally available material. These were some tips on green home planning.

Green Home made from Eco-Friendly and Locally Sourced Material

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