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UltraTech Cement’s skill building program

India is witnessing rapid urbanization which has spurred an unprecedented increase in construction activity across our country. This has created a favourable environment for catalysing employment in the infrastructure sector. However, to ensure that employment is sustainable, it is important that effective skill-building initiatives are implemented, especially for the bottom of the pyramid workforce in the industry.


Masons and contractors form the backbone of the construction industry in India. Therefore enhancing their skills and easing their work life is imperative for the long term sustainability of the construction industry. As a responsible corporate, UltraTech Cement which is engaged with over two million masons and contractors for various activities and engagements aimed at improving the quality of construction has trained thousands of masons and contractors.

The emphasis of this programme is to help masons hone their technical skills and also improve their entrepreneurial ability, thus empowering them to gain better employment. Training is conducted at three levels based on the existing skills and ability of the masons. The program is organized in association with accredited agencies, government bodies and reputed educational institutions through a joint certification approach. We have developed several audio-visual aids to enable consistency and quality in delivery of training.

Once masons are empowered with better skills and awareness of best-in-class processes and tools in the construction industry, they are able to improve the quality of the structures they build which in turn helps them establish trust with their customers. Under this programme, UltraTech has trained 90,000 masons and contractors in 2021 and plans to reach out to 1,00,000 more in 2022.

The programme is breaking new ground now with its pioneering initiative of training women to become skilled masons and thus help them gain sustainable employment. In 2021, we successfully trained more than 1,300 women masons, across India.


This section is intentionally retained in English language.