UltraTech launches second Sustainability Report
The team at UltraTech constantly interacts with the media in order to ensure that its stakeholders and the society are well informed about its activities. A lot of these interactions directly lead to press reports. Though the content of the coverage is not under UltraTech’s control, the company ensures that all the right facts are presented to the media in order to enable them to file objective reports.
UltraTech launches second Sustainability Report

UltraTech Cement Limited has launched its second sustainability report, for the period 2010-12.

UltraTech is a member of Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), a global voluntary initiative on climate protection, emission reduction and responsible use of fuels and raw materials.

Long before sustainability and environmental concerns became buzzwords, they have been an integral part of our company’s philosophy. We produce high quality materials to meet the needs of our customers and communities while ensuring that we reduce our environmental footprint, take care of our employees’ health and safety, and contribute to wider initiatives for the benefit of our society. As a leader in India’s Cement industry, UltraTech’s aim is to create a low-carbon future by using alternative fuels, renewable energy, water conservation and by driving efficiency across its operations.

Read the report – Foundation for a Sustainable Tomorrow - 2012 .