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Waterproofing | Home Waterproofing Solutions | Expert Tips | English | UltraTech Cement

Waterproofing your home during its construction can help reduce the chance of dampness and protects against water-related problems. Here are some helpful tips related to waterproofing. If you are not ...careful about waterproofing while building your home, it can cause major problems later. • There should be no defects in the concrete work. Improper compacting work may cause water leakage in beams and slabs. • Plan the terrace slop carefully. Make sure the water is flowing in the right direction and doesn't get accumulated in a place. Remember waterproofing terrace is the most important part of home waterproofing. • Water can also damage your home structure through ground that's why the concrete bed should be damp proofed. This give your house the protection against the water entering from the ground. • Waterproofing is necessary for the strength and durability of your home. Stay tuned to #Baatgharki for more information on waterproofing solutions. Share this video with your home-building friends and for more information related to home-building visit ‘UltraTech is India’s No. 1 Cement’ - visit for claim details. #BaatGharKi #UltraTechCement

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