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How to do Flooring | Floor Tiling | English | UltraTech Cement

The flooring of your house is essential for its fabulous finish. It can significantly add to the aesthetics of your home. Here are a few tips on how to do the flooring work. • Make the concrete bed at... the same level as the plinth. • Put a layer a mortar to the flooring work. • Grooving is advised to ensure that the flooring is fixed properly. • To get the right flow of water, plan the slope of the mortar. • Make sure that the alignment of the tiles is right. • Tap the tiles with a wooden mallet, and if the sound is consistent, it means the tiles have been installed properly. • You can also use tile adhesives from the market for better results. • There are several flooring options available in the market such as marble, granite, wood, etc. So let's learn a few things about flooring. Share this video with your home-building friends and visit http://bit.ly/2ZD1cwk for more information related to home-building. ‘UltraTech is India’s No. 1 Cement’ - visit www.ultratechcement.com for claim details. #UltraTechCement #IndiasNo1Cement

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