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Plan the size of your rooms in the correct manner 

To make your house comfortable and attractive, it is important to carefully plan out the size of each room as per its needs. Let’s start off with the bedroom. While determining its size, we need to k...eep two things in mind. One, the room should be large enough to comfortably accommodate a double bed, for 2 people to sleep in. And the second important point to note is that we should clearly mark out a space for a cupboard/wardrobe and a dresser/dressing table.
The bedroom will require 15 to 20 square meters of space. If the double bed is 1.90 mtrs. long and 1.50 mtrs. broad then you’ll need 60 mtrs. on either side of the bed for circulation, and 90 mtrs. in front of it. In every Indian household, the Living Room is used in a multipurpose manner. While planning your house, the maximum area should allotted towards the Living Room, as it will contain furniture, a television and more. Plus, there’ll always be a minimum of 2 to 3 people within it. Over and above furniture, we also need some work space over here. That’s why, you must allocate a minimum of 25 sq. mtrs. while planning your living room.
If you are making a separate room for your children, then make sure there’s enough space for a double bed or two single beds, a cupboard and a small study table. This room will approximately require 15 sq. mtrs. of space. It’s advisable to have a minimum ceiling height of 3 mtrs. for the bedrooms and the living room. Your bathroom and washroom should have enough space for a single person to comfortably stand. The bathroom’s area should be between 4 to 6 sq. mtrs. and it should have a minimum ceiling height of 2.30 mtrs. Now finally let’s come towards the Kitchen. We should divide the kitchen into 4 parts, as per usage – cooking, chopping area, sink and storage. By doing this, you’ll be able to accurately identify the exact area required for your kitchen. All in all, you’ll need about 25 sq. mtrs. for your kitchen and dining section. Out of this, allocated 10-12 sq. mtrs. for your kitchen and the rest for your dining area. So these were a few expert tips to plan your house in the best manner. Keep watching #BaatGharKi from Ultratech.
To know more about your houses’s planning and construction, keep watching #BaatGharKi by Ultratech Cement.
To know more about #HomeBuilding, keep watching #BaatGharKi by Ultratech Cement. While building your home, you can find a various expert tips over here - https://www.ultratechcement.com/ Ultratech is India’s Number 1 cement. About Ultratech: Ultratech Cement is the biggest producer of Grey Cement, Readymix cement (RMC) and White Cement in India. It is one of the global leaders in cement production. As a brand, Ultratech is a symbol of strength, reliability and innovation. Along with this, Ultratech inspires and supports construction engineers to challenge their skills and imaginations in order to build innovative homes, buildings and structures that are a symbol of ‘new India!’
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