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Safety at Construction Site | Health & Safety Tips | Preventing Covid-19 | UltraTech Cement

While restarting your construction post lockdown, some precautionary measures should be taken for the workers working on the site. Let's see some important health and safety guidelines that should be ...followed on a construction site. 1. Talk to your contractor, about workers and mason's health and safety informing everyone in detail about the safety guidelines on a regular basis. 2. Only allow the workers in good health to work. 3. Do not allow outsiders on the construction site. 4. Conduct regular thermal checks and ensure that the workers sanitize their hands before starting the work. 5. Workers should wash their hands every two hours with liquid wash or soap. 6. Everyone on the construction site must wear helmets, gloves, and masks. 7. Follow social distancing protocols all the time and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet. 8. Avoid handshakes with anyone on the construction site. 9. Allot a fixed place for food consumption and make sure social distancing is being followed while having food. 10. Do not allow consumption of tobacco, gutkaa, paan, and spitting. 11. Anyone with symptoms of cough, cold, or running nose, do not allow them to work on the site and ask them to consult a doctor. 12. Educate the workers on the importance of sanitizing before meeting their family members after work. 13. Make sure a list of hospitals and emergency contacts are available at the construction site. These were a few important health and safety guidelines to be followed on the construction site when you resume the work post lockdown. To know more about home-building keep watching #BaatGharKi -

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