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Clay Brick vs Concrete Block | English | UltraTech Cement

Concrete blocks are a better than clay bricks. Here are few benefits of using concrete blocks for your home’s construction. #BaatGharKi #UltraTechCement http://bit.ly/2qVqCct Clay Brick vs Concrete Bl...ock Explaination: Advantages of Concrete Block Concrete blocks are more efficient compared to clay bricks while building a home. Let us know more about the advantages of concrete blocks. Bricks are used in construction most of the times... but concrete blocks are a better option… let us understand how 1: First, due to their large sizes, less jointing material is used and because of their accurate shapes less plastering layer is required 2: Second, a concrete block absorbs less water compared to the brick so the dampness level in walls is also less in comparison 3: Third, concrete blocks are more economical compared to bricks 4: Lastly, making clay bricks requires fertile soil and burning of wood while on the other hand, making concrete block is more eco-friendly This is why concrete block are better than clay bricks To Summarize Concrete blocks are stronger, eco-friendly and economical

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