UltraTech’s three units win CII National Award for Environmental Best Practices

UltraTech’s three units win CII National Award for Environmental Best Practices

July 26th 2023 : UltraTech Cement Limited’s two integrated units, Bela Cement Works and Hirmi Cement Works and one grinding unit, Magdalla Cement Works has won the 10th CII National Award for Environmental Best Practices 2023 in the ‘Innovative Environmental Project’ category for the following projects. The award was presented on 12th July 2023 at the Annual Sustainability Awards 2023 during the annual CII-GreenCo summit 2023 of Excellence for Sustainable Development.

  • Hirmi Cement Works won for the project ‘Kiln Productivity and Efficiency Enhancement with Reduction in plant C02 and fugitive dust emission’ in the category of ‘Resource Conservation.’

  • Bela Cement Works won for the project ‘Waste Recycling for conservation of natural resource’ in the ‘Resource Conservation’ category

  • Magdalla Cement Works won for the project ‘Approach towards Mineral Conservation in non-pyro process’ in the category ‘Waste Management & Resource Conservation.’

Hirmi Cement Works

The unit team modified the loop duct of the calciner at the unit. This helped reduce emission of carbon dioxide and fugitive dust at the plant and improve clinker productivity without hot material drop-out. The action taken by the unit also helped in savings by bringing down consumption of specific power in the calciner and boosting the kiln output.

Bela Cement Works

The unit introduced digital technology to monitor live the conditions of the equipment and introduced digital checklist for preventive maintenance. The unit also placed an air slide flow jamming sensor to improve consistency of the flow throughout the cement mill circuit and modified the fly ash circuit for feeding and extraction in cement mill.

The unit progressed substantially in driving our company's sustainability agenda, particularly in our focus areas of decarbonisation, circular economy, biodiversity management, water positivity, safe operations and community development. The unit made progress in these areas by consuming highest ever fly ash and Performance Improver, installing a Waste Heat Recovery System and a solar panel, using industrial waste like red mud and chemical gypsum, and reducing consumption of power for grinding at the cement mill.

Magdalla Cement Works

The unit team procured chemical sludge or gypsum from nearby chemical and dye industries and fly ash from nearby power plants, and fed the suitable mixture in cement mill to produce cement as per the BIS norms. This action helped the unit utilise 1.1 lakh ton of industrial waste as raw material in FY23, conserve 1.67 lakh ton of natural resources (gypsum, limestone and coal) every year, utilize 51k tonnes of hazardous waste and helped recycled materials meet over 11% of requirement of raw materials to produce cement.

About the Award

CII Environmental Best Practices Award recognises, encourages, and supports the efforts of Indian industry in conservation of natural resources and pollution prevention. Awards are presented to the units who make significant and measurable contribution towards development or use of cleaner technologies, processes or practices for environmental protection. One of the objectives of the award is to recognize and award best practices implemented by Indian Industry.

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