"India lives in her villages." - Mahatma Gandhi

In 2012, UltraTech Cement Limited instituted a competition for students of Engineering and Architecture. We called it ''Innovate for India'' and conceived it as an annual event. While debating the theme for the inaugural year, we were collectively drawn to the inherent truth in Mahatma Gandhi''s words: that India lives in her villages. It''s a truth that we have come to disregard in recent years, the lens having shifted to urban Indian and its teeming metropolises. It made sense then—given that the competition was aimed at India''s youth—to design it as a journey back to the roots. And thus we were able to crystallise our theme: Mera Gaon, Mera Base.

And so 5000 eager participants from across India set out to explore our villages – with their eye for detail and their desire to create. Together, they covered over a thousand villages scattered across the length and breadth of India. Clearly, what they saw and what they experienced during their journeys made a huge impression on them. Their observations, impressions and ideas found expression in the shape of blog entries, photo features and documentary films. In the end, we received 433 carefully crafted entries – each one a labour of love. Clearly, India''s villages are in extremely capable hands. Take a look!

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