• Adding the Expert Factor

    ultratech services

    Adding the
    'Expert' Factor

    Benefit from the collective experience
    of our team of Civil Engineers - spread across India

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  • Simplifying the Complex

    Simplifying the Complex

    the Complex

    Get a better understanding of the nuances,
    the finer details of building a home through
    our targeted programmes

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  • Sharing knowledge

    Sharing knowledge, building expertise

    Sharing knowledge,
    building expertise

    Experience our technical seminars and exhaustive
    training programmes - for individual home builders,
    architects, engineers and channel partners

    Call us on 1800 425 2525


IHB Meet

These cater to a larger group of customers who have started building their own house or intend to start doing so. The objective is to enlighten the IHBs on the complexities involved in construction, effective planning to achieve economy and finally constructing a strong and durable house with superior quality materials without any time overrun. They are explained about various alternative products available in the UltraTech product portfolio and also on allied products available with UltraTech Building Solutions Counters. A two hour presentation is made on planning the construction, quality of materials, proper construction methodology to be followed, UltraTech Building Products and allied products, followed by an interaction with the audience to bring in more clarity.

Counter Meet

The objective of this programme is to educate the IHBs on planning and supervising the construction. A small group of IHBs who have started building their house and petty contractors are invited to the shop and a presentation is made to them on planning of construction, quality of materials and correct method of construction. This helps IHBs and contractors to economise on the cost of construction, achieve timely completion and ensure quality construction through effective supervision. The relevant technical literature is distributed to the customers.

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