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    Sharing knowledge,
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Mahesh Bhai Patel, Ahmedabad

UltraTech Cement is an extremely good brand of cement. It maintains consistency when it comes to quality, it has high strength, provides information on good construction practices and cover blocks to customers. UltraTech’s engineers frequently visit the sites during construction and that gives us a good advantage.


Dinesh Bhai Prajapati, Gandhinagar

High strength, good quality and consistent – this is what UltraTech Cement stands for. It gives very good results in concreting, masonry and plaster work, since it maintains consistent quality. UltraTech’s engineers frequently visit the site and give us tips that help us.


Jignesh Bhai Chavada, Rajkot

We have been using UltraTech Cement for many years. We trust this brand of cement because of its consistent quality, superior services etc. It has set the bar high by offering special services like visits from civil engineers, prompt delivery of cover blocks and cube testing services which are done by the civil engineer on the site in front of us and our client. I can always trust UltraTech Cement to give superior quality cement and offer lots of wonderful services to our clients.


Rajan Shastry Shetty, Pune

I choose to use Birla Super Cement only because it gives high strength. I’ve never used any other brand and make it a point to recommend Birla Super to my colleagues and customers. I have availed the Mobile Concrete Expert service several times, this has helped build confidence in my customer’s mind when it comes to the quality of work I have to offer. Birla Super Cement is available at all shops, all the time and they deliver cement as per my requirements.


Ramakant, Rohtak

I work as a contractor in Rohtak. I only use UltraTech Cement on my site because of its outstanding quality. This is the one brand of cement that I have full faith in and I know for a fact that even in future, I will only use UltraTech.