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Building Products

In the endeavour to provide complete sustainable solutions to customers and to be 360 Degree building material destination, UltraTech Cement has established UltraTech Building Products Division. UltraTech Building Products division manufactures and markets technologically re-engineered products for construction and infrastructure industry.

Today the construction industry is demanding products which can replace conventional products as well as conventional methodology for fast track constructions. To meet this challenging demand, it offers a complete portfolio of end-to-end solutions, covering the entire spectrum of construction.

Product range includes Tiles Adhesives (TILEFIXO-CT, TILEFIXO-VT, TILEFIXO-NT, and TILEFIXO-YT), Repair Products (MICROKRETE and BASEKRETE), Waterproofing Products (SEAL & DRY, FLEX, HIFLEX, and MYKROFILL), Industrial and Precision Grout (POWERGROUT NS1, NS2, and NS3), Plasters (READIPLAST, SUPER STUCCO), Masonry Products (FIXOBLOCK), Light Weight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block (XTRALITE)

Building Products and Services

Product Range

Tile Adhesive

UltraTech TILEFIXO is a polymer modified cement based high performance, high strength, high quality tile adhesive developed to fix tiles, Natural Stones over walls and floors. Suitable for both internal and external, thin bed applications. There are four variant of TILEFIXO for different application.

Repair Products

Polymer enriched high strength Repair Mortar and Micro Concrete for repair application on de stressed Columns, Beams and highly porous roof requiring repair and strengthening of structure

Flooring Screeds

Multipurpose Floor Screeds for varieties of application as underlayment for floor tiles application for indoor and outdoor locations. Strongly recommended over waterproof agents applied as single and two component over concrete roof for higher thickness requiring slopes for draining out rain water eliminating the usage of brick bat coba application

Waterproofing Products

Wide range of Polymer / Co polymer modified/ Acrylic / SBR latex combination as single or two component underlayment waterproofing agents for application requiring in Flat Roof concrete, Kitchen Balconies, Chajjas , Slope roofs and wet areas like Bath-rooms, Canal linings, Swimming pools, Water tanks etc.

Waterproofing and Tile Adhesive

Industrial/Precision Grout

Non Shrink non expandable high performance industrial grouts for wide varieties of application in Machine foundation, joining of Precast elements, High performance safety vaults etc.


Polymer modified surface finishing plasters for thin and thick coat application for internal and external walls

Masonry Products

Thin bed jointing material for AAC block, Fly Ash Bricks and Concrete Blocks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block

Light weight block for masonry construction