WP+ 200: UltraTech Weather Pro Waterproofing Liquid

UltraTech Weather Pro WP+200

Dampness can enter from anywhere – roof, foundation, walls or even bathrooms. UltraTech Weather Pro WP+200 is an integral waterproofing liquid developed at UltraTech Research Lab. Use WP+200 with cement, to provide superior waterproofing protection to every part of your home. Its unique Water Block Technology fills the tiny holes in the concrete, plaster, and mortar, breaking the interconnectivity of capillaries and reducing water penetration.

When should you use

Add to plaster, mortar, and concrete from foundation to finishing – foundation concreting, beams, columns, brick joining, external and internal plastering.

Places to Apply UltraTech Weather Pro WP+200

Waterproofing Liquid - Benefits of using WP+200

  • Better Dampness Prevention

    Better dampness

  • Better prevention from rusting

    Better prevention
    from rusting

  • Better prevention from rusting

    Better prevention
    from rusting

  • Higher durability of home

    Higher durability
    of home

  • Better prevention form plaster damage

    Better prevention
    form plaster damage

Correct method of using
WP+200 Integral Waterproofing Liquid for best results

Prepare Concrete, Plaster or Mortar Mix

Mix cement, sand and aggregates, as per the mix design. Add only 50% of required water and mix for 2-3 minutes.

Prepare WP+200 Mix

Add WP+200 to the remaining 50% water and stir well. 200ml WP+200 is to be used for every 50kg of cement.

Combine both the mixes

Add the WP+200 water mixture to the prepared concrete, plaster or mortar mix. When using WP+200, water requirement decreases by 10-15%. Add water as per consistency.


Use concrete, plaster or mortar mix as per need. Be mindful that using lesser dosage will not give effective waterproofing. Follow good construction practices, including curing.

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“Provide double protection to high-risk areas of your home, by using Flex or HiFlex”

Frequently asked questions about
WP+200 Integral Waterproofing Liquid

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