Climate Change

Clinker is a by-product of cement. It is a nodular material produced during the kilning stage and is generally used as a binder in cement products. A clinker generally has over 90% of limestone, a natural raw material, as a key constituent.

UltraTech has developed a new type of very high-early strength clinker made with less than 45% of limestone. UltraTech has filed a patent for this unique innovation. There are numerous other advantages of using less than 45% limestone in clinkers:

    1. The new clinker has a lower clinkerisation temperature (reduction by
         almost 2000C) which significantly reduces kiln fuel consumption and cost.

    2. This reduces CO2 emission by 25-30% per tonne of clinker.

    3. The new clinker helps extend the life of our limestone deposits.

    4. We save up to 50% on the raw material costs of limestone requirements (as the usage has reduced from 90% to 45%).

    5. Further, it drastically reduces the consumption and cost of cement milling (electrical) and eliminates the need for energy-consuming clinker
        quenching from the manufacturing process.

    6. It also helps extend the life of expensive refractory bricks that protect the kiln shell against the high clinkerisation temperatures.

The new clinker is not only green but also helps substitute natural resource like limestone with industrial by-products.

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