Role of Civil Engineer and Architect for building a home

August 25, 2020

Architects and engineers have different roles however, both of them are equally important, especially during the planning and supervision stage of building your home. Let's understand what they bring to the table.

The role of an Architect

  • An architect is responsible for designing the overall structure and aesthetic of your home.
  • They can take your ideas, goals and future requirements for your new home and draw up an effective blueprint for the same.
  • Not only do architects have a professional designing background, but they are also widely familiar with the building codes and regulations in the area.

The role of an Engineer

  • With a more scientific background, an engineer will workclosely with your architect to make sure that your home is structurally safe.
  • They understand the various technical aspects, structural load limitations and material equirements, and help you plan accordingly.
  • Engineers are also responsible for the electrical wiring and plumbing layout for your home.

Having both an architect and engineer on your team will ensure that your home is built both beautiful and safe. Remember their importance while selecting your home-building team.

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