Understanding the various stages of construction

March 27, 2019

In the planning stage, it is important to get a good idea of the many stages of construction. Keeping these stages in mind will allow a home builder to better plan both the home and the finances.

An individual home builder should focus on three main stages of construction: planning, building and finishing 

Planning: in this stage, no construction will take place but what you choose to do at this stage will decide your budget allocation, product delivery timeline and the overall look of your home. Planning involves: 

•    Deciding on a budget

•    Documentation

•    Picking a plot to complete the construction

•    Choosing your team – contractor, architect, interior designer, labourers (in case you aren’t hiring a contractor)

Building: in this stage, your home will start taking shape. The first task will be to procure all the materials required for construction i.e. cement, sand, bricks, water, aggregates. After getting the materials, your team will: 

•    Lay the foundation

•    Build your formwork 

•    Prepare various mixes

•    Waterproofing 

•    Wall plastering

•    Plumbing 

•    Wiring 

Finishing: in this stage, the focus will be on beautifying the home and the interior plays a critical role in this stage. Your team will supervise the roofing, flooring, painting and fittings – in your bathroom, kitchen, wash basins.

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