UltraTech’s Guide to Safety at Construction Site

March 25, 2019

During the home-building process, you have a responsibility to monitor the well-being of the workers on the site. Before beginning, you should discuss the safety measures with your contractor and address any issues.

When you are monitoring the site at a personal capacity, ensure that:

•    The site has a first aid kit

•    Brick and block masons have a hard-hat and goggles

•    All workers are wearing non-skid work boots

•    Someone with experience handles scaffolding work

•    Before use, ladders should be tied at the top and bottom

•    At the end of the shift, clear any sharp objects and electrical equipment from the site

•    All chemical containers should have a chemical hazard sign

•    At the start of every day, there should be a safety briefing from the contractor

Depending on the weather conditions, ensure that the workers are properly hydrated. In case any worker is complaining about their health, you should immediately discuss it with your contractor.

By being a responsible home builder and maintaining high standards of safety at your construction site, you ensure that timely completion of the project happens with minimum risk to all workers.

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