Steps for an efficient rainwater harvesting system

August 25, 2020

Groundwater is a natural source of water for your home. However, excessive use of this source can deplete it over time. The easiest and method for replenishing groundwater is to harvest rainwater runoff, and one of the best ways to do this is by installing a recharge pit.

Here how you can build a recharge pit.

  • Start by digging a pit that's one to two metres wide and two to three metres deep.
  • Fill the pit with stones first, then coarse aggregates, and lastly sand. This will collect rainwater runoff and filter it through the pit.
  • You can protect the pit by covering the top part with a mesh. Make sure to regularly clean it to allow water to flow through easily.
  • In areas where rainwater gets collected, use pipes to funnel the rainwater into the recharge pit. You can even collect and store this water for household needs.

This technique of collecting rainwater through a recharge pit will help you replenish precious groundwater reserves.

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