How To Calculate Water Cement Ratio

The strength and quality of your concrete also depend on the water used while making it. Let’s understand more about why the right amount of water is required for the concrete mix.

 Water chemically reacts with cement to make it stronger. Ensure that the water being used is not contaminated. Normally, drinking water is used while mixing concrete.

Avoid using saline water while mixing concrete because this can cause corrosion in the RCC steel rod.

Remember, adding excess water to your concrete mixture can reduce the strength and durability of the concrete.

If the water ratio in the concrete is more than required, the extra water will rise while compacting and may lead to cracks in the concrete.

Always remember, a single UltraTech cement bag usually uses 20 to 27 litres of water. These were some tips on the water and concrete ratio in mixing cement for your home

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