Here is why supervision is essential when laying the foundation

March 25, 2019

The secret to a strong home lies in a strong foundation. Therefore, it’s essential that you stay vigilant when supervising the laying of the foundation. Unlike the interiors, the foundation, once laid, can’t be changed.

The foundation of your home is dependent on the soil of your plot  (hard or soft) and the height of the home. To get better understanding, consult your architect.

To begin with, all shrubs and weed should be removed from the plot. The foundation markings – for walls, pillars – should be spaced out to enhance their load bearing capacity. After the excavation, have your contractor check for any hollow spots and have them filled out with concrete. 

Ensure that the pillars are properly aligned. After the construction of these pillars, again make sure to fill out any hollow spots. Ensure that curing is done on the foundation for seven to fourteen days.

Anti-termite can be done after the excavation and upon completion of the foundation.