Before buying land, ensure you have checklist these documents

March 25, 2019

Once you decide to buy a plot, make sure you have all documents in place. Without these, your purchase will be delayed.

Most of the required documents can be grouped into two types - legal and personal.

Legal documents: These documents are essential, and missing even one of these can result in a delay in purchase.

They include:-

Title Deed, Sale Deed or Mother Deed: Taken from the seller
Land Clearance:  If you wish to convert agricultural land to non-agricultural land
Encumbrance Certificate: Obtained from the sub-registrar’s office where land is registered
Record Of Rights (ROR) certificate: Obtained from the Tehsildar’s office
Katha certificate: Obtained from the Assistant Revenue Officer
Personal documents: Personal documents are purely for verification purposes: Aadhar, Voter ID card and PAN card.

Things to keep in mind:

In case the seller is not the owner, check the ‘power of attorney’ document.
To make sure measurements mentioned by seller are accurate, get a survey sketch of the land from Survey Department.
If there are more than one owner, make sure to get ‘release certificate’ from all owners.