Circular Economy

Two of UltraTech's integrated cement manufacturing units Gujarat Cement Works based in Kovaya, Gujarat and Reddipalayam Cement Works based in Ariyular, Tamil Nadu are leading the way in co-processing municipal and industrial waste.

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste gets burned at extremely high temperatures and can be used as fuel in kilns. Using this method in FY 17-18, Reddipalayam Cement Works has achieved thermal substitution rate of 18.16%. The unit has tied up with 18 different municipalities for procurement of municipal solid waste. Currently, the unit is using 13 different types of alternative material as fuels. The unit has installed extensive shredding systems which have helped them use a variety of materials.

Gujarat Cement Works (GCW) achieved a thermal substitution rate of 8.97% substituting fossil fuels in FY17-18. The unit has established an alternative fuels laboratory with comprehensive analysis. The unit also has mechanized automated extraction and a dedicated feeding system

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