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Concrete plays an important role in the construction of our house. We can make this with the help of drum mixer or manually. If you are getting the manual concreting done, keep these points in mind:


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Method of manual concrete mixing


Plan Sanction License

Mix the cement and sand till it gets uniform colour.


Sanctioned License

After that, put the mixture on the aggregates and mix it properly with the help of a shovel.


Account Certificate

Make a ditch at the centre of the mixture and pour water in it and mix it from outside to inside, till you get the concrete with the desired consistency.


Foundation Certificate

While mixing the concrete manually, 10% more cement is required. Note that, it is necessary to use the mixture at the earliest, else the concrete may get set.


Latest Income Tax Receipt

For the smaller concrete works, use manual compacting such as rodding with the help of a steel rod or tamping with a wooden cross beam.


Supervision Certificate

The mechanical compacting is done with the help of vibrators. This can make the compaction more effective.


Affidavit & Indemnity Bond

Generally, needle vibrators are used for the structures like footings, beams and columns.


Power of Attorney

Take care that the shaft pipe of the vibrator should not bend too much as it can break the pipe.


Land Ownership Certificate

Be sure to clean the needle and shaft pipe after work.



Method of manual concrete mixing