Behind UltraTech Cement's success is a highly motivated and dynamic team comprising of more than 14,000 employees that's spread across 5 countries and is constantly growing. People are the most valuable resource at UltraTech Cement. Cementing ties with this vast 'Talent Pool', UltraTech believes in providing them a world of opportunities in an environment that is nurturing and empowering. Encouraging a spirit of camaraderie which helps create careers that are personally rewarding and professionally enriching is the essence of the People Experience at UltraTech.

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The UltraTech Tenets
A Culture of Meritocracy

Performance is at the heart of UltraTech's work culture. Transparency and uniform practices ensure well-defined goals with clearly outlined expectations. An annual performance appraisal system involving self-assessment, supervisor assessment, potential and value assessment are internal frameworks deployed to cultivate a culture of meritocracy. At UltraTech, talent is identified and honed by providing opportunities for career enhancement and leadership development.

The Internal Recruitment System

Making equal opportunities available to everyone at UltraTech is the robust Internal Recruitment System. All open positions across locations in India and the world are first posted on the internal HRMS portal for employees to view and apply. Managers are encouraged to pursue career moves which are mutually beneficial to them as well as the organization, allowing them to leverage their strengths that lead to career enhancement. This supports the organization's commitment to transparency, making it an equal opportunity employer.

Transparency and Responsiveness

At UltraTech we practice transparency in letter and spirit. Our culture of candor and respect provides a platform for stakeholders to add value. Listening to and acting upon employee feedback is a key differentiator.

Organizational Health Survey (OHS), our barometer for employee opinion is a biennial event for employees to provide feedback. The OHS results help in highlighting areas where we have done well while indicating those that need attention. The OHS action plans are cascaded top-down to drive key elements of change.

Excellence through Learning

Continuous focus on learning and development is made available at Gyanodaya - The Aditya Birla Institute of Management Learning. A host of tailor-made programs catering to varied development needs of managers at different career stages are offered at the institute. E-learning modules provide employees opportunities to upgrade their skills while on the job. Outbound programs are made available in an external environment to help employees grow, develop and interact.

Cultural Diversity

Being a global player, UltraTech recognizes the importance of being a sensitive employer, that understands the challenges and advantages of cultural diversity. UltraTech provides a common ground to its diverse global workforce to grow, achieve and excel. Our wages reflect local industry standard benchmarks across the countries we are present in.

We take pride in our women friendly practices and work environment. In traditional industrial set ups where attracting young minds is a challenge, we have been successful in tapping youth, resulting in a harmonious alignment of fresh perspectives and traditional philosophies. 9% of our women workforce comprises senior women managers.

Fun @ Work

We endeavor to provide a balanced environment where fun and work go hand in hand not only for our employees but for their families as well. Various celebrations on the occasion of World Environment Day, International Women's Day and Children's Day among others allow employees and their families to interact and de-stress.

Our Health and Wellness calendar focuses on preventive health provides ready reckoners that help employees to eat right, be safe and feel good. Walkathons, Annual Health Checkups, Safety weeks are activities reflecting the organization's commitment to employee safety and well-being.

Galaxy, our annual extravaganza, is a mega event where we reward, celebrate, reflect, rejuvenate and align ourselves to organizational objectives.

The UltraTech Value Framework

Aligning ourselves to the values framework defined by our Chairman, Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, we at UltraTech have imbibed these five Aditya Birla Group Values as our guiding principles.

Integrity: Honesty in Every Action

Acting and taking decisions in a manner that these are fair, honest, following the highest standards of professionalism and are also perceived to be so.

Commitment: Deliver on the Promise

On the foundation of Integrity, doing whatever it takes to deliver value to stakeholders.

Passion: Energized Action

A missionary zeal arising out of emotional engagement with the organization that makes work joyful and inspires each one to give his or her best.

Seamlessness: Boundary Less in Letter and Spirit

Thinking and working together across functional silos, hierarchies, businesses and geographies.

Speed: One Step Ahead Always

Continuously seeking to crash timelines and choosing the right rhythm to optimize organizational efficiencies.

Employee Value Proposition

'Employee Value Proposition' (EVP) at UltraTech, is the value we promise all our employees through our employee centric approach of unique people processes and policies that lead to a better and more secure work environment for our employees.

Keeping in mind a strong talent pipeline, we hire talent with an eye to appreciate not just the immediate and tangible value in terms of salary and benefits but the perceived value that goes beyond mere numbers. Leadership development through skill enhancement, career modelling, coaching and mentoring are core to our people philosophy and we look for talent aligned to our value proposition. EVP at UltraTech is founded on 4 pillars of opportunity namely, opportunity for career enhancement, opportunity for growth and development, opportunity for recognition and opportunity to an enriched life.


The Aditya Birla Group and its associate/ member companies do not ask, solicit and accept any money in any form from the candidates / job applicants / potential job seekers who have applied or wish to apply to us.

If you come across any such persons or entities who is posing as Aditya Birla Group and its associate/ member companies and is /are fraudulently offering jobs online on certain websites / through telephone calls, soliciting prospective candidates for job with the logo of Aditya Birla Group and / or its associate/ member companies, and thereby illegally proclaiming themselves that they are employees / representatives of Aditya Birla Group and its associate/ member companies and are asking them to deposit some amount in certain bank accounts, please intimate us immediately through our website Legal action against such persons / entities with malicious intent will be taken accordingly.

The public at large are requested to exercise due care and caution while interacting with such entities/persons to seek the job allegedly in the Company and not to act as per their directive.