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Biodiversity Management

The future of our business and the community is linked to the survival of land ecosystems. UltraTech recognizes the importance of biodiversity and associated ecosystem services for the long-term sustainability of both and takes concerted action to protect, restore and promote all forms of life in the ecosystem.

Biodiversity management is governed by our Biodiversity policy. UltraTech is committed to maximizing biodiversity around its plants and quarry sites. We have started monitoring the ecological evolution of our sites to help identify risks and opportunities. We are also committed to No Net loss which is in line with our Aditya Birla Group Biodiversity Policy. We have completed biodiversity assessments for five of our integrated plants till date and plan to do so at all our integrated plants by 2024. UltraTech entered into an agreement with IUCN and other expert consulting organizations for developing detailed biodiversity and ecosystem services management plan for its sites.

The sites are selected based on the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool report which we have used for initial screening of all our units, we have identified the sites which are high in biodiversity and a comprehensive Biodiversity management plan is being prepared for these sites.

Biodiversity Management

Key achievements:

  • Conducted a comprehensive baseline assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services in and around Sewagram Cement Work's area of operations in Gujarat, including the mine through a reputed organization such as International Union for Conservation of Nature and developed biodiversity management plan for the site which is under implementation.
  • All our sites have been assessed for the potential biodiversity-related feature through the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT).
  • There is no site which has any key biodiversity area within 10 km radius.
  • Biodiversity assessment and Management plans have got developed for five of our integrated plants

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