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Our Focus Areas

UltraTech's social projects are designed with the long-term goal of creating sustainability and self-reliance. Hence, the projects focus on factors that will lead to empowerment and capacity building. Though UltraTech operates in five focus areas, its major emphasis has been on providing quality education and healthcare facilities. Importance is also given to building infrastructure, as ultimately it is the tool that fuels growth. The results of these projects will not only benefit their respective communities but also the nation at large.

The company's CSR activities are concentrated in 407 villages, in proximity to its 22 plants, across the country.


Healthcare and Family Welfare

Through our medical camps, we reached out to 48,398 villagers for general health check-ups. Those afflicted with serious ailments were taken to our company's hospitals for treatment. Over 42,000 patients were treated in the Out Patient Department. Additionally, we organized medical camps to treat orthopaedic, cardiac, skin and ENT related ailments. We treated 9,749 patients at these camps.

At the eye camps organized by us 11,474 patients were under our care. Of these 4,058 patients were operated for cataract and were provided with intraocular lens. Alongside 850 persons were given spectacles for better sight. These eye camps have been conducted at Khor, Sambhupura, Hirmi, Kotputli, Rawan, Arakkonam and Kharia Khangar.

At Malkhed, we held cleft lip plastic surgery camps where 25 patients were operated upon. At the medical camp organized for the physically challenged at Hirmi, 50 patients were provided with artificial limbs that enabled them to reduce their dependency on others.

Additionally, 3,400 people were sensitized on HIV/AIDS at educative programmes held in Reddipalyam, Khor, Hirmi, Awarpur, Tadipatri, Jharsuguda, Kovaya, Malkhed and Jafrabad. Sessions on tuberculosis and its related problems held at Hirmi, Awarpur and Jharsuguda were attended by 2,811 persons.


Mother and Child Healthcare

Over 1,62,843 children were immunized against polio and 2,019 children against tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus and measles.

Around 5,000 expectant mothers took advantage of the anti-natal, post-natal, mass immunization, nutrition and escort services for institutional delivery. These form part of our Reproductive and Child Healthcare programmes.

At sessions on adolescent healthcare and nutrition awareness, over 2,068 girls and mothers were actively engaged. As a result of our intensive motivation drive towards responsible family raising, 2,254 villagers opted for planned families. These programmes spanned Awarpur, Hirmi, Jafrabad, Khor, Kharia Khangar, Jharsuguda, Tadipatri, Malkhed, Sambhupura, Rawan and Kovaya.


Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation

Through our Safe Drinking Water Programmes at Sambhupura, Khor, Malkhed, Reddipalyam, Tadipatri, Hirmi, Awarpur, Kovaya, Ratnagiri, Durgapur and Jafrabad 40,000 people access clean drinking water.

More than 1,000 families have benefited from improved sanitation facilities at Malkhed, Reddipalyam, Khor, Sambhupura, Kovaya, Kharia Khangar, Jharsuguda, Tadipatri and Awarpur.



To foster the girl child, our units support the cause of Girl Child education through their engagement with the Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalayas (KGBV) – residential schools for girls. So far, 532 girls who had dropped out from their schools in the villages were re-enrolled in schools in Awarpur, Hirmi, Malkhed and Kharia Khangar.

Uniforms, books and bags have been distributed to 14,546 children in the rural areas. Visual educational aids and lab equipment were given to the schools in Awarpur, Hirmi, Kovaya, Tadipatri, Jharsuguda, Jafrabad, Khor, Rawan, Durgapur, Ratnagiri, Sambhupura, Arakkonam and Magdalla.

The school enrollment programmes covering 1,735 beginners at Hirmi, Kovaya, Jharsuguda, Jaffrabad and Awarpur have been a great help to students. At our balwadis, 520 children learn the basics of pre-primary education.

Our talent search programs and Pratibha Protshahan Samaroha drew 963 students from Reddipalyam, Rawan, Malkhed, Hirmi, Tadipatri, Awarpur and Kovaya.

Free coaching classes at Rawan, Kotputli, Hirmi, Tadipatri, Kovaya, Sambhura and Awarpur proved a boon to 1,849 students.

We also provided career counseling services to 841 students in Jafrabad, Hirmi, Awarpur and Kovaya.

Our computer education programmes attracted 341 participants at Khor, Kharia Khangar, Awarpur and Arakkonam.

Our support to sports in schools encouraged 9,107 students to participate in sporting events at Rawan, Tadipatri, Hirmi and Kovaya.

At Malkhed, we also began yoga classes which were attended by 2,498 students.


Infrastructure, Watershed Management & Environment

To conserve water for agriculture and domestic uses, 12 ponds and 19 check dams were repaired/built at Jafrabad, Awarpur, Hirmi, Malkhed, Kovaya, Rawan, Khor and Kharia Khangar.

Approach roads were built in three villages at Tadipatri and repaired in 12 villages at other locations. At Malkhed,Tadipatri, Khor, Sambhupura, Reddipalyam, Hirmi and Awarpur 12 School buildings were repaired and boundary walls constructed. A community hall was instituted in Awarpur.

A plantation drive for enlarging the green belt cover has been taken up at Reddipalyam, Sambhupura, Kovaya, Jaffrabad, Awarpur, Khor, Hirmi, Rawan, Jharsuguda, Ratnagiri, Kotputli, Tadipatri and Kharia Khangar.


Sustainable Livelihood

At the skill development centres at Hirmi, Sambhupura, Kharia Khangar, Khor, Rawan, Awarpur and Malkhed 1112 youngsters received training in electrical repair, photography, videography, motor driving, food processing, sewing and dressmaking.

A training course on basic tailoring was imparted to 2,032 women at Tadipatri, Hirmi, Reddipalyam, Khor, Sambhupura, Malkhed, Arakkonam and Rawan. Alongside, 19 widows were rehabilitated at Awarpur through training in tailoring and provision of sewing machines.

To promote sustainable agriculture, organic farming units have been set up by 115 farmers from Ratnagiri and Jaffrabad.

At Hirmi, Khor, Sambhupura, Malkhed, Awarpur, Jafrabad, Kovaya and Ratnagiri 1,770 farmers have been trained in the latest agricultural techniques of grafting, soil health, crop protection and post harvesting techniques. This was done in collaboration with the local agricultural technology management centres. Exposure visits to Centres of Agricultural Technology were organized for 314 farmer club members of Jafrabad, Hirmi and Kovaya, besides conducting the Krishak Khet Pathsala programme.

As part of our endeavour towards renewable energy, 27 bio-gas units have been set up in Rawan and Khor.

We immunized 32,760 animals at animal husbandry and other veterinary camps at all our units. The Navjeevan Gaushala at Kharia Khangar houses 740 cows and oxen. Additionally, our dairy programme at Reddipalyam and Sambhupura caters to the health of 1,068 farm animals.

The integrated fodder management programme at Kovaya and Hirmi supplies abundant nutrition to 2644 milch cattle.

Self Help Groups and Income Generation

Our 293 self-help groups empower 3,626 women financially and socially.

The Kagina Industrial Trade centre at Malkhed is a centre of excellence and self-reliance. Up until now the 440 students who have been trained here have well placed jobs.


Social Welfare

Under the mass marriage programme, 721 couples at Jafrabad, Kovaya and Khor were married.

Our street plays (nukkad natak) espousing the fostering of the girl child, anti-alcoholism and responsible families have been well received by village communities.