Self Help Groups


Self Help Groups


Self Help Groups


With an endeavor towards women empowerment and self-reliance, self-help groups have been formed, trained and linked to economic institutions.


The groups are formed with an objective to organize the women for development action. The self help groups are envisaged to be the basic institution of all village development proposals. Besides the core activity of savings and credit and maturing to village development institution, they also market their own products. Examples:

  • Dairy Unit,
  • Detergent, Phenyl & Soap powder making
  • Embroidery and Purse making
  • Making of artificial jewelry, decorative items for home interiors and stuffed toys.
  • Making of Candles, Agarbattis, Chili Powder, Noodles


More than 1050 women belonging to 50 self help groups have become financially independent.