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Safety Excellence Journey

UltraTech Cement has marked occupational safety as its core value and the responsibility towards Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) is driven by the desire to protect the people we work with and society at large. UltraTech Cement has always promoted safety as one of the most integral cogs of its value system. It has taken serious initiatives towards ensuring utmost safety of its employees and the environment they work in. The Safety Excellence Journey is a significant initiative on this front.

Safety Excellence Journey is an initiative driven by the desire to protect the people we work with, in 2009. The journey was undertaken with help from DuPont Sustainable Solution, a wing of DuPont, a company known worldwide for its excellent safety systems.


A never-ending Journey

UltraTech Cement aspires to achieve excellence in safety practices and performance. Therefore it has put a system in place to:

  • People's involvement
  • Ensure ownership on safety from line function
  • Integrate safety into the existing management system
  • Assign accountability on safety to the line function
  • Build competency among employees
  • Form an integrated approach to build in safety within the contract management process
  • Establish life saving rules and progressive consequence management

We have also recognized the importance of ensuring safety in logistics management, business travel, office safety and engaging contracting partners and business associates in meeting organizational aspirations on safety. Hence, we have established a strong management set up to build internal standards, work processes to support implementation and review mechanism to meet the objective.

We have our internal system on:

  • Setting challenging goals and targets
  • Safety standards: Rules & procedures
  • Setting tools to demonstrate felt leadership commitment
  • Rewarding, recognizing and implementing progressive consequence management for the highest level of compliance to set safety rules

Our current corporate policies, principles and strategic directions are referred below:

UltraTech Cement has also led foundation for effective project management through:

  • Safety Manual
  • Design Safety Manual
  • Quality Assurance Manual for Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation