Energy Management

Our units have always been at the forefront of implementing environment-friendly initiatives throughout the year. Jafrabad Cement Works, an integrated cement unit of UltraTech, in Amreli, Gujarat, saved three million units of electric energy annually through an improvement in the preheater fan in 'slip power recovery system' (SPRS) mode.

The SPRS is an external system connected to the rotor circuit of fans. It can recover the power from the rotor and feed it back into the power system to avoid energy waste. Implementing this innovative system, helped the unit reduce around 2,460 tonnes of carbon emission. This system can be replicated across the business where fans operate in SPRS mode. The biggest advantage of this initiative is that it does not require any stoppage in plant operations for implementation.

Another UltraTech unit, Awarpur Cement Works, an integrated cement unit in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, recently upgraded its existing kiln system by adding a new in-line calciner (ILC) preheater which helps in lowering NOx emissions. This is a six-stage preheater which helps to use more heat from exit flue gases for preheating of kiln feed as compared to old four-stage preheater system.

This leads to lower specific power and heat consumption. The specific power consumption reduced by 18.5% and specific heat consumption reduced by 4.3% for the kiln. These unconventional initiatives reflect UltraTech’s firm belief in conducting its business in an eco-friendly manner.

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