State-of-the-art technology and innovation are the key factors behind UltraTech Concrete's success. As a part of its 'value' offering, UltraTech Concrete deploys Expert Quality Systems for managing the quality of raw materials, efficient raw mix design and cube test results that help it analyze data statistically.

UltraTech's engineers study the client's requirements and then recommend the type of concrete to be used. Our Expert Dispatch and Tracking System ensures optimum order booking, visibility and tracking of the deliveries being made to the customers. All Transit Mixers are equipped with Vehicle Tracking System which maintains the quality of concrete in transit.

About UltraTech Concrete

UltraTech Concrete
UltraTech's Specialty Concrete is concrete specially designed to achieve one or more property, behavior, composition or performance. It is usually superior when compared to conventional concrete. Specialty concrete has multiple applications. It is designed specifically for a typical end application in a project. Specialty concrete needs special capability in terms of resources, and quality assurance to achieve the desired end results. All products bearing the UltraTech Concrete tag are manufactured in 101 state-of-the-art plants spread across 35 locations in India. UltraTech Concrete plants are present in Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Dahe, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kolhapur, Kolkata, Kundli, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mangalore, Mohali (Chandigarh –II), Mysore, Nagpur, Nasik, Noida, Sahibabad, Panchkula (Chandigarh –I), Pune, Raipur, Rajkot, Surat, Tirupati, Vadodara, Vapi, Vijaywada and Vizag. More plants are being planned across India.
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UltraTech Plus a superior concrete with enhanced performance with respect to slump retention, early age strength and plastic shrinkage. UltraTech Plus is a finely engineered concrete made with special admixtures that beneficially modifies the hydration process of concrete thereby reducing incidences of plastic shrinkage cracking improving structural durability. It provides increased slump retention allowing extended time for placing, compaction and finishing. Its unique property of Controlling Settling time even for extended slump retention ensures reduction in de-shuttering time. It is highly recommended for slabs and columns. With so many positives, no wonder we called it Plus.


  • A finely engineered concrete made with special admixtures that beneficially modifies the hydration process of concrete thereby reducing incidences of plastic shrinkage cracking


  • Increased slump retention (2-4 hours) provides extended time for placing, compaction and finishing of concrete
  • Controlling Settling time even for extended slump retention
  • Increased Early Strength, resulting into reduction in de-shuttering time and
  • Reduction in plastic cracking improves the structural durability


Presenting UltraTech Lite – light weight concrete for non-load bearing structures of your construction such as roofs, architectural facing works and leveling course without adding to the dead weight. This ingenious concrete is made by distributing foam or polystyrene bits in a uniform manner throughout a precisely designed mix. UltraTech Lite possess excellent workability and can be placed in any desired shape. It also provides excellent heat and sound insulation along with better fire resistance. It can be applied with all traditional surface finishes like paint, tiles, carpets etc. It's light but can take on quite a few responsibilities


  • A light weight concrete Produced by distributing foam / polystyrene bits in a uniform manner throughout a precisely designed concrete
  • UltraTech Lite has a density ranging from 500 Kg per cum and above with a strength ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 Mpa


  • Possess excellent workability and can be placed in any desired shape
  • Provides excellent heat and sound insulation
  • This concrete has better Fire resistance
  • Can be applied with all traditional surface finishes - paint, tiles, carpets etc
  • Can be used as leveling course without adding dead weight


UltraTech presents a concrete made by careful proportioning of binder in order to control heat of hydration thus reducing micro-cracks and enhancing the durability of the structure. This concrete has excellent workability and controlled temperature rise leads to superior surface finish. Its superior durability makes it ideal for concrete road and mass concreting jobs like foundation rafts. All this so that your structure is super durable.


  • A concrete made by careful proportioning of binder in order to control heat of hydration to reduce micro-cracks and enhance the durability of the structure
  • The strength gain over 28 days to later ages say up to 90 days and beyond is much higher than the normal concrete


  • Superior durability highly recommended for concrete road and mass concreting jobs like rafts
  • Excellent workability that makes compaction, much easier and more effective
  • The temperature rise in the structure is very gradual with superior surface finish
  • Superior later age strength, ideal for the structures where loads are expected after a time gap


Modern structures are conceived by architects keeping the aesthetic factor at the top of their minds. High end commercial and business centers are designed with a lot of precision in the architectural layout design, innovative shapes and colour combinations. These give a unique appearance to the building. Normal concrete made with grey cement cannot provide architects with the liberty to explore their vision and bring variety in facade treatment. It is customary to apply different shades of paint on the concrete surfaces to achieve the desired results. One of the major problems with this is that the colours fade over time due to the effect of ultraviolet rays. This necessitates painting of the whole structure at regular intervals, which proves to be expensive and time consuming.

To facilitate the architect's efforts to explore various options in providing special architectural treatment to the project, UltraTech Concrete has introduced a special concrete called 'UltraTech Colourcon'.

UltraTech Colourcon is coloured concrete available in a wide palette of fascinating colours, with customized shades being made available as per architectural requirements. It uses consistent quality UV resistant pigments that help in retaining the true shade for a longer duration.



Concrete is a heterogeneous material having constituent materials of different density. The constituent material tends to segregate out. Separation of water from the mix is termed as bleeding. As per the ambient conditions, the evaporation of water takes place from the surface of the concrete. Whenever the rate of evaporation is more than the rate of bleeding, volume change takes place in the surface of concrete resulting in minor surface cracks. This phenomenon is known as plastic shrinkage. This can be taken care of by addition of fibres in the concrete and /or by proper placement control.

To overcome the problems of plastic shrinkage  and cracks of concrete in the green stage, UltraTech Concrete has introduced a special concrete 'UltraTech Fibrecon'. UltraTech Fibrecon is an enhanced crack resistant and relatively ductile concrete produced by using different types of fibres like polyester, polypropylene, glass & steel etc that minimize the problems of plastic shrinkage cracks in the green stage and substantially improve its static dynamic properties like flexural, impact and tensile strength.



Wherever mass concreting work is involved, large differences in temperature between the core and surface of structures results in thermal cracks. Higher concrete temperature means a lot of disadvantages. For example, high temperature leads to faster drying of concrete, loss of workability, formation of cold joints, excessive plastic shrinkage cracks, rapid evaporation of curing water, difficulties in finishing concrete and overall reduction in the 28 day compressive strength.

To overcome these disadvantages, UltraTech Concrete has introduced a special concrete 'UltraTech Thermocon'.

UltraTech Thermocon is produced with chilled water and ice flakes in a state-of-the-art, fully computerized ready mix concrete plant, which controls the temperature of the concrete and maintains it within acceptable limits. The other ingredients used in this concrete are also thermally controlled to bring down the temperature within acceptable limits at the time of placing. This considerably reduces the ill-effects of high temperature like thermal cracks, plastic shrinkage, faster drying of concrete, formation of cold joints etc.



Nowdays there is a growing requirement for multistoried buildings, public transport systems like Metro rails, links through sea routes, roads, bridges, flyovers, commercial establishments etc. But geographic space in cities and their suburbs is limited. In order to ensure maximum space utilization, architects and structural designers are now going with relatively thin sections. With standard concrete, columns and beams with larger size and depth are required to be provided to transfer the structural loads to the foundations. This results in lesser usable area per floor.

To overcome this disadvantage, UltraTech Concrete has introduced a special concrete 'UltraTech Hypercon'.

Ultratech Hypercon is produced by blending a combination of different cementitious materials along with advanced quality superplastisizers, in state-of-the-art, fully computerized ready mix concrete plants. Optimal use of multiple blends of cementitious materials results in refinement of the micro pore structure of the concrete, which leads to very dense, impervious and long lasting structures. It’s a boon for modern constructions that demand innovative sleek designs with maximum space utilization.

Pervious Concrete


UltraTech Pervious is a special concrete with high porosity, which is used for concrete flatwork application that allows water from precipitation or other sources to pass through, thereby reducing the runoff and ensuring recharge of ground water. It has connected pores, which allow water to pass through from top to bottom. It has been designed with narrowly graded coarse aggregate held together with cement paste, having little or no fine aggregate. UltraTech Pervious offers numerous environmental, structural and economic benefits and is an excellent alternative to expensive storm water management methods. It is ideal for pavements, alleys, sideways, parking areas, sidewalks etc.

UltraTech Décor


UltraTech Décor is coloured textured imprinted concrete available in different shades. It is manufactured by using UV resistant colour hardener which retains the true shades of the colour for a longer duration. It is available in a variety of colours. It is relatively maintainance-free. Even customized shades can be made available as per customer’s requirements. Further, bricks, pavers, cobbles etc allow weed to grow through cracks and joints whereas Stamped Concrete, because of its monolithic nature allows nothing to grow through gaps.

Free Flow

Free Flow

While designing complicated structures, the challenge is to place and compact the concrete efficiently without leaving any voids. For such structures, use of ordinary concrete leads to a lot of problems, as it cannot reach every nook and corner of the form work. The problem is aggravated further by the difficulty faced in compacting the concrete. It contains lot of voids, which lead to leakages, reduction in strength of concrete and service life of the structure. To overcome these problems, UltraTech Concrete has introduced a special concrete called 'UltraTech Free Flow'.

UltraTech Free Flow is a special concrete, produced by using high-quality ingredients including the latest 4th generation acrylic based super plasticizers and viscosity modifying agents that give it a unique self compacting feature which in turn allows complicated intricate and elegant designs without leaving any voids.



The corrosion of reinforcement steel in concrete is a universal probem. It is one of the major reasons for failure of concrete due to loss of durability. If concrete is compacted well, leaving no voids, then the rate of corrosion can be controlled. For all practical purposes, even well compacted concrete is likely to have 1-2% voids through which ingress of moisture can take place, which leads to corrosion of the steel. Steel embedded in concrete can expand 5-6 times more than its original volume due to corrosion, causing internal stresses and cracks in the concrete cover. These cracks further aggravate the corrosion process by allowing exposure of the steel.

To overcome the ill effects of corrosion of the steel reinforcement, UltraTech Concrete has introduced a special concrete called 'UltraTech Stainless'.

UltraTech Stainless is a special type of concrete that uses high quality, corrosion inhibiting agents. These agents impart protection to the steel reinforcement by providing a protective coating to it, reducing the rate of corrosion of steel embedded in the concrete. The result stays strong for long and so does the entire structure.