UltraTech launched its revolutionary product range, ‘UltraTech Building Products’ with the aim of becoming a 360 degrees building materials destination.

Ultratech Building Products is a technology driven business that offers an array of scientifically engineered products to cater to new age constructions. The range under the umbrella of Ultratech Building Products is designed for new-age constructions.

About Building Products

Building Products Division
UltraTech Building Products offers a complete portfolio of end-to-end solutions, covering the entire spectrum of construction, with products that include
  • SEAL & DRY (total waterproofing solution)
  • SUPERSTUCCO (polymer modified mortar)
  • XTRALITE (lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks)
  • FIXOBLOCK (thin layer jointing mortar)
  • READIPLAST (Ready mix plaster)
  • POWERGROUT (quick & strong grouting solution)
  • Every product in this revolutionary range is ready-to-use, thereby enabling quicker, hassle-free application and faster completion of projects.

Our Products



UltraTech XTRALITE is a lightweight Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) Block. It is ideal for multistoried structures as it is lighter than standard size bricks and blocks. UltraTech XTRALITE is manufactured through a reaction of aluminum on a proportionate blend of lime, cement and fly ash. During this process, the hydrogen gas that escapes creates millions of tiny air cells, rendering UltraTech XTRALITE with a strong cellular structure. This is further strengthened by high pressure steam curing in autoclaves. The product thus formed is not only lightweight but also has higher compressive strength. The state-of-the-art plant is equipped with Latest Technology that ensures maximum dimensional accuracy.
UltraTech SEAL & DRY


UltraTech SEAL & DRY is a cement-based, single component, polymer modified, flexible, Elastomeric, waterproof coating - for concrete and masonry surfaces. UltraTech - SEAL & DRY is available as dry powder that should be mixed with water before use. It is grey in colour and can be easily applied by brush or sprayed by spray machines.

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UltraTech FIXOBLOCK (Jointing Mortar)


UltraTech FIXOBLOCK is a thin versatile jointing material used for laying AAC blocks, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks etc. The product is specially designed to provide higher bonding because of its higher tensile adhesion strength. UltraTech 'FIXOBLOCK' is pre-mixed, easy to apply high quality mortar comprising of cement, graded sand and admixtures. 'FIXOBLOCK' replaces conventional jointing mortar of 12-18mm thickness with highly versatile 3-5mm thickness.


UltraTech READIPLAST is a ready mix cement plaster and render with high quality polymer additives. It can be used on inner and outer walls. READIPLAST can also be used efficiently on brick, block, stone walls as well as concrete surfaces. It provides an even surface on which tiling can be done quickly and in a more efficient manner. .

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UltraTech SUPER STUCCO is a versatile facing material that can be applied to any flat or undulating surface and can be used as a base coat for interiors or as final finish for exteriors. UltraTech SUPER STUCCO can be applied directly over smooth concrete surfaces without hacking and generally requires no curing after application.

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POWERGROUT is a cement based material consisting of OPC cement, additives and graded sand. It is a ready-to-use dry powder, grey in color, free flowing. The product is designed to provide high-early strength in a very short span of time by mixing optimum quantity of water.

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